Hiya. I'm playing DD for the 5th time now and it is still great fun. This time as an Archer, which is a bit tough at times. Here is what I do for setting up a home base:

1st one outside George's House at the beginning of the game.

2nd one outside the first Inn with a bed of straw, one Pyramid, and 2 chests (one for stuff I want to keep; one for stuff to sell).

3rd one at the Marketplace with a bed of straw, one Pyramid, and 3-4 chests. I get that base set up as early in the game as possible because the vendors there will have enough cash to buy all of your items.

Also I carry straw, for beds, to the portals in the forest, and to the sewers. It just makes everything a bit easier.

You can also carry all locked chests to your home base for opening when your Lockpicking skill is high enough to open them.

If you use your Pyramids properly the Marketplace should be your permanent Home Base until you move to the Wastelands.

I also put one barrel outside of the Barracks before entering there, and put 2 chests near the gate to the castle.

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