Actually, I was planning on building a few robots that would spawn an army of robots, for the eventual destruction of the human race.

Let's face it, the human race has failed. 2 million years, and what have we accomplished? That little light in the refridgerator that turns on when you open it? I don't think so... Time to die, humans!

Skynet is already waaaaaaaaaay ahead of you on that one. You’d better hurry to catch up as there is no consolation prize for being the second person to destroy the world.

As to the fish vs. giant robots debate, I’ve always been partial to “freekin’ zombie demons from outer space” for destroying the world. (Max Payne 1 to 2 running joke)

As to the more serious question of posting a voice clip , I might check into that when I get home - assuming that one can post attachments directly to the MB here? I don't have a webspace currently and I don't feel terribly inclined to sign up for a "free" one that will spam me with junk.