The 80's were a great time for RPG's. The graphics didn't have to be fancy only running on mostly 16K. The story lines were always what pulled me in. SSI before their demise had some great titles. The Ultima series I played for years until time no longer allowed me to do so. Unfortuneately I never got to play Ultima past 6. I would sure like to play them if only someone would upgrade them a bit and allow them to play on todays computers.
I had an Apple 2 back then. You could adjust the drive speed with a program. If I remember right the really good drives had quartz in them and retained the proper speed longer.
Even today I would gladly sacrifce graphics for a game with a great story line. The first Wizardry games had minimal graphics and could be played until the wee hours of the mornings making work more difficult. I couldn't wait to get home to get back into the game again. Having to make a map on grid paper only added to the fun. Those lousy spinners, I never did know which direction I was facing when I stopped. All part of a great game. An era long past like the Golden days of T.V.
Today game makers seem to rely on graphics more than anything. Thinking if it looks pretty we will buy it no matter how bad the game play is. I no longer run out to buy new games by developers I haven't played before until I read some reviews. Money is the only power we have as consumers. I for one have bought enough unfinished games that I didn't like after playing for a few hours.
I really enjoy the Divinity games. The graphics set the atmosphere, the music is haunting, the controls easy to use without thinking about them. This is why I keep buying them and will continue to do so.

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