Some great nostalgia. There are moments in some of the older games that will never be surpassed or duplicated IMHO. One such moment was entering the Tomb of Varn (the enormous pyramid) in Might & Magic VI. When the pleasant, but eerie soundtrack began you could feel the adrenaline rush into your bloodstream, and you knew you were hooked on RPG's.

When people talk about RPG's they go back to the days of Wizardry, Might & Magic, Ultima, etc. But there were memorable RPG's before that. Who can forget the Infocom games (Zork series)? or who remembers playing probably the original RPG that began with something like:

"Come with me to Colossal Cave where magic abounds and treasures are found. Bid your fingers follow your commands and I will be your eyes and hands. Yet beware the fiery Dragon, for he knows not whether you are wizard or simple Charlatan! How best to conquer Colossal Cave? With daring and skill...oh clever knave."

Those were text-only games, and Colossal Caves I first played, at the risk of the wrath of my professor, on a DEC-7 computer in college.

<looks at watch>... now where is that patch anyways.

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