Anyone remember the old King's Quest series by Roberta Williams? (Yes, I still have that series in my library.) Oh! Btw, you can still download those old Infocom games from the IF Archive. So, if you're feeling "Zork-ish", it's in there.

Another excellent site for IF games, Faralas, is Home of the Underdogs. It takes a while to load, but it has a large selection, including recent releases.

As for King's Quest, I never much cared for it. Now, Hero's Quest...! There was a fine series. I really liked that--and of course, the Monkey Island series, though these started later.

Do you remember Hidden Agenda? That was one of my all-time favorite strategy titles. I've been in correspondence with Jim Gasperini, the author, who offers the old program here.

The Magic Candle series--does anybody recall that? The Atabek brothers came up with some delightfully original ideas, even though they mixed in standard AD&D style elves, dwarves, etc. And Darklands! Now, that was an innovative title. Too bad nobody has grabbed that franchise yet, and decided to do an updating of it.