Anyone remember the old King's Quest series by Roberta Williams? (Yes, I still have that series in my library.) Oh! Btw, you can still download those old Infocom games from the IF Archive. So, if you're feeling "Zork-ish", it's in there.

Another excellent site for IF games, Faralas, is Home of the Underdogs. It takes a while to load, but it has a large selection, including recent releases.

Home of the Underdogs is one of my 'homes away from home' and a place where I do a lot of research. I'm working on an article on the history of interactive fiction. (Well, I'm working on that in my spare time.) I can also be found hanging out at The Brass Lantern. Steve Granada has written some terrific articles on what it takes to write an IF game, it's target audience and the various platforms IF can be read/played. With the advent of the wireless telephone, my publisher (as are a lot of other game companies) are tapping into that market. Technological advances and the speed at which computers are evolving absolutely amazes me.

Anyway, I could talk IF and gaming until your ears fall off. But I'll spare the bodily injury to our beloved forumites. *g*

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