I stand corrected. I was thinking of the PC Wizardry I that was released in '88 or '89. The NES version, which I thought was published by ASCII came out in '87.

Have you said Makanito or Malito, and what was the name of the teleport spell that you had to use after killing Werdna to land back in the castle?

My favorite Wizardry monsters were the dividing slimes that were made of metal, but the name escapes me, and the Ogres. Remember when Wiz III came out and you actually appeared outdoors along the shoreline, and what a buzz that created?

More Wizardry stuff: Remember in II when the answer to an important riddle was "The Knight of Diamonds" not "Knight of Diamonds"?


The current crop of reviewers is suspect. Many seem to write without finishing a game or even going into it deeply. One review of BD actually recited almost verbatim from the developer's cheat sheet that described each act and had a savegame in each one. When I reviewed the game, I played it completely through, and never loaded one of the developer's saves.

Of course, the old days' reviews were not much better in some cases, and rampant conflicts of interest were evident. I remember writing a letter to Computer Gaming World that they shouldn't review any game that advertises in the rag.

Your mentioned several games in which I was a character because of my relationships with developers many years ago. Pardon this shameless self aggrandizement. In M&M III, did you recruit me as Wartowsan, an NPC Ninja? What about Ultima V, where I was a farmer in New Magincia, and even had a mantra. I'm even an NPC in one of the Magic Candles.

Suspended was very tough, until Spellbreaker came along. The Infocom prose was so devastatingly right-on that my niece cried when the robot died in Planetfall.

Fuff (Conqueror of Werdna on more than one occasion.)