Sir-Tech was definitely the developer for all the PC Wizardry's. I worked for them on Wizardry IV and V in 1987-1988. Quite an experience.

The name of the teleport spell is MALOR. Came to me when supersizing at a MacDonald's.

V, VI, and VII were done by David Bradley. His Dungeon Lords is coming out in a few months. He did Wizard and Warriors, or something like that, a few years ago.

Memories are flooding back, and this thread is the cause! Remember when Bard's Tale came out and Might and Magic which took the Wizardry idea and put color in the dungeons. I notice that Bard's Tale is being updated and released soon.

Those were the real glory days of RPG's with all the great series at the top of their form. Ultima, Wizardry, Might and Magic, Bard's Tale, Magic Candle, and others I can't remember.