"Appreciate that, and certainly no offense taken though I've taken you out of my will......."
"Ooooooo, Fable! Now you've gone and done it!"

Not a big deal. My will contains a few coins, minor bequests to my family, and a mint copy of Ultima II.

LOL! I've still got a few of those complete old boxes hanging around, too. I think I kept Ultima V, the original Magic Candle, Darklands, Might and Magic III--at least those for certain, perhaps more. What's interesting is how carefully the developers tried to get you into the mood of the game with maps (remember the cloth maps that came in some Ultima games?), exotic fonts in manuals, even little metallic objects. They really went to a good deal of trouble on that count. Quite a few recent games haven't even bothered to put a mnaual in the box: it's on the harddrive. I've been told this is to improve "ease-of-use," which is a nice eumphemism for "we didn't want to go to the expense, buy it and shut up." <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" />