Don't know whether I have mentioned this, but many years ago, in dire financial straits, I had to sell my collection on eBay. My signed Ultima 1 went for $500. Time Zone garnered $125. Sundog $20. Ultima III $100. I sure miss having them around. BTW, I still have the cloth map from Ultima's III and IV.

Me, too! In fact, I came across Ultima IV over the last few hours in the original box, with everything still in it. Ultima III for $100? Amazing. I wonder if anybody would pay for an original, completely intact box of Darklands, with the original, highly informative hint guide that was sold separately by Microprose. I never thought that gaming could make anybody money, except, of course, distribution franchises and bigname publishers.

Do you by any chance remember Murder on the Zinderneuf, or Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?