"I wonder if anybody would pay for an original, completely intact box of Darklands, with the original, highly informative hint guide that was sold separately by Microprose."

Ah, Darklands, one of the original buggiest games. I just checked eBay. A straight copy of the game along has been bid "up" to $7.50.

"Do you by any chance remember Murder on the Zinderneuf, or Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?"

I sure do, mainly the former which was part of EA's original offerings along with others including Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson, the incredible M.U.L.E. whose theme music I play occasionally.

Speaking of EA, quite a forced segue, no?, I went to the Consumer Electronics Show in 1986, the first one where games were prominently involved. (Now, E3 going on as we speak is THE gaming show.) I was the head of the largest Gamesig in the country, and knew many of the gaming luminaries. Get this for great gaming namedropping! I was standing around with Trip Hawkins (founder of EA), Lord British (Richard Garriott), Brian Fargo, former prez of Interplay. For some reason, I decided to ask the group the best game they ever played. (Mine at the time was the incredible Star Raiders for the Atari 400 and 800!) Trip Hawkins looked and me and answered "Star Raiders". Quite a moment in my gaming life.