"When I was last at Microprose, under their third owner, they had some stuff up on a blackboard clearly showing MULE development."

One of the artists working on Sid's updated version of Pirates lives in my building. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get a chance to see it early.

"Sacred has gone through 12 patches, 6 of each. But no one thinks twice about that, anymore. Makes you wonder."

The current spate of bigtime RPG's are so massive. I recall someone mentioning that there are millions of lines of code for an rpg.

Happened to stumble across an "abandonware" site last night. These games are available for download, and the number of rpg's is staggering. I had forgotten many of them until that site refreshed. Remember Hard Nova? Escape from Hell? Betrayal at Krondor? You can download these games for free. For many you have to also download some program that lets you play dos games under the modern faster computers.