Last chance to see a life size blue whale!

WDCS is giving people possibly the last chance to experience a life-size blue whale, the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth, in the comfort of their own home!

The charity today launches an interactive web banner, giving viewers a glimpse of the life-size whale. The banner is launched as part of WDCS’s Stop Bloody Whaling campaign, and highlights the growing danger to great whales from a cruel and increasingly aggressive commercial whaling industry.

Click here to experience a life size blue whale!

WDCS is now urging people around the world to support its campaign to end commercial whaling for good, by featuring this banner on their websites and asking businesses and friends to place it on their websites.

“The banner is both a fascinating impression of this gigantic animal, the blue whale and a key reminder of the very real danger of commercial exploitation faced by this and other great whales should pro-whaling countries succeed in overturning the ban on commercial whaling.” Says Nicolas Entrup, spokesperson for WDCS “We want the banner to demonstrate to people how amazing these animals are, and how important it is that we do everything in our power to protect them.”

The Banner was created by the German ad agency “Jung von Matt” in Hamburg with the help of "Soulpix 3D animation".

In the twentieth century, whaling pushed many species to the very brink of extinction. In the Antarctic alone, between 1904 and 1978, 1.4 million whales were killed. This number includes the 350,000 blue whales taken by whaling fleets during that time. Thousands more were killed and not reported. With populations slow to recover, these giant creatures are now classified as endangered with some populations in the Antarctic numbering just a few hundred. Many other populations of whales were similarly decimated.

“We hope that this life size blue whale in the Net becomes the Ambassador for large whales in the wild. Everybody can help, place the banner and spread the message that the great whales of the world need our protection now!” says Entrup from WDCS.

The banner is can be ordered free of charge from WDCS and is available in Flash in different sizes (120 x 600, 150 x 600, 474 x 107, 450 x 70, 600 x 110) . Please contact George Berry on Telephone: 00 44 (0) 1249 449 502 Email: george.berry@wdcs.org

(Quelle: www.wdcs.org)

Kurzgefaßt: Um einen Wal in Lebensgröße zu sehen, auf diesen Link klicken: http://www.wdcs-sa.org/flash/content_pub_en.html

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