There was a time when every 10th book which was sold in UK was Terry Pratchett's... The library should have it. If not, ask your mayor for an authorisation of burning it .

Oh, Death - did you know my library boycotted TP? And when I was in charge of novels from K-Z.... guess, what I did? There were days my colleagues complained endlessly (when the Discworld cycle books came back within days and flooded our newcomer shelves...)
And then? I had faithfully bought all - ONLY to read complaints from members: WHERE is a new TP book? Luckily the last one is always in the German bestseller list now, so I "have" to buy it <smug grin>

PS: I've got them all privately, of course - including "Omen". I tried reading Gaiman solo books, last one was "American Gods" => didn't like it, maybe a translation issue.

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