Ah, sad story, Rhianna => fantasy is not considered a very high literature level in German temples of knowledge, wisdom and whatsoever - please, don't shoot the messenger now. You see, older librarians still favour the "educational" book - and I was the only fantasy fan in that library, besides my youth section colleague, of course.

But things are changing - those librarians with the virtues of the 70es are slowly going into pension.

I can give you more examples => comics for adults were considered a No-no - you know those Grimm fairy tales? In the 70es they were considered to be brutal, make kids bad, raise sadistic instincts. And well, specially heroic fantasy (no, not TP) was considered as patriarchic, conservative, full of cliches. I still recall a terrible conference, where Tolkien's LOTR was ripped apart verbally - and with the aid of literature critic reviews as proof. Germany does not have this fantasy tradition, it's purely UK (and later on US) - so, adaption was a bit difficult.

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