Hope you remove it in a latter patch hehe

Please, keep in mind, I'm naive when it comes to piracy, ISO, crack etc. and I'm not insinuating, you are one, ok?
I'd just like to know this => is it convenient/usual to ask a Developer/publisher to develop a patch depriving them of copy protection? As you gave an example (and I don't play UT) - did the Devs/publishers produce this no-CD patch themselves?

I'd be grateful to learn more about this - thanks anyone in advance. My knowledge about copyright is solely on the book sector.
Kiya <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

An UT2004 patch, 3336 i believe, removed the requirement for the CD-in-drive.
This was the reason for me purchasing it.. I did'nt want to be annoyed with cd's, so I waited untill they removed that requirement.

They did the same with UT2003 if I remember correctly.

Its not about Copyright however, as the owners of the media have the rights, regardless of the cd being in the drive or not.

When UT2004 was released at first, it did require cd in drive, but there were already patches available for it - that removed this requirement (These were developed by 3rd parties not affiliated with the makers of UT2004)

Its very convenient to ask the publisher/developer, as they are the ones responsible for putting it there in the first place, and its the first place to go to voice your oppinion on the subject and ask for their stance/reasons/plans, so as to evaluate wheter or not to make a purchase.

I really want to play BD, since I loved DD, but I dont want to have the cd in the drive when I do so, for many reasons.