@Instant - thank you for explaining patiently <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif" alt="" /> - but I have one last question: Could it be, UT copy protection was taken out, as it is a MP game? Do you know of any other single player game (with NO MP possibility at all), where the Devs/publishers released a no-CD patch? (Fans don't count) - A real official patch.
Kiya <even more confused>

It is not a copy protection, it is a copy restriction.

However, yes, most likely it was taken out because the game is primarily aimed at MP, although you can play a lot in singleplayer or in LAN, and also use the Editor tools for creating content. I dont understand why they put it in - in the first place - as installing such costs money, and causes issues with games.

I do not recal any singleplayer game that has not required the cd-in-drive, but I am sure there are some. Yes; Gothic did not require cd in drive. Probably more.

Most of these games have no-cd patches available, created by fans or those distributing the unlicensed version, defeating the whole purpose of requiring the cd to be in the drive in the first place. So in the end - the only ones harmed by requiring cd in drive, are the legitimate customers.

But, lets say nobody has allowed legitimate owners of a game title to play it without having the cd in drive - after having spent gigabytes of hd space for the title, that does'nt mean they are doing something right (the publishers/developers), or that its a good idea.

Why not be the first to not harm customers with such methods and instead allow the to enjoy the game - they purchased - without the annoyance of a cd spinning wildly in the -rom.