there is a limit to it, yes, kiya, u're right.

the cd copy protection is meant to stop casual copying. meaning, u cannot just pop <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beyond.gif" alt="" /> cd in a cd writer & start copying the content out to a blank cd.

if it cannot stop the pirates, what's the point? well, those are professionals, well, at least their skills in hacks are of professional levels. u cannot stop a thief from stealing gold from fort knox, IF he/she sets his/her mind to it & is skilled enough to pull it off. no such thing as security. it's just relative, like einstein said it.

warez are made by those who are highly skilled in hacking the games' protection & get them work without. it's a fact nobody can deny. give them maximum of 2 months & u'll see the crackz (anything that ends with 'z' is seemingly bad) on the net. they're as good at cracking as the copy protection writer are at protecting.

patch - normally made by developers, publishers to fix/enhance a game/software
crack - made by pirates to nullify copy-protection or limit imposed by developers or publishers on a game/software
warez - complete package made by pirates which u can install as if it's legitimate but without copy protection or limit.

hope that helps, kiya.

instant, i do agree on wanting the same thing as u do; no-cd patch so i can play without worrying about the cd getting worn out. however larians will have to protect their 'rice bowl' (chinese way of saying means of living or source of food). otherwise people can just casually copy their work & pass them around like e-mailed jokes. i rather my cd wear out. or find on the net the no-cd crack.

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