CD requirement force just US (legal players) to put the cd in to the drive but not the thieves

I agree - if you meant it in the sense => the honest ones are "punished". As long as some people do not play by the rules (and I think this will never happen, regardless of products in every trade industry) - the honest will continue to suffer under consequences, created by dishonest ones. Actually, this drives me mad and angers me. Legal industry had to react to piracy/warez etc. I wish, there would be another way - and I hope (one day) some clever person will think up a method to destroy this illegal market.

But again => how can Devs/publishers protect themselves if copy protection is inconvenient? This procedure causes them a lot of work/trouble/money/energies/employer capacity, too (referring to Lar's article about the problems they had to get the German version gold)

As for unplayable CD and the examples I saw listed here => never had a defect CD. There are games I can't play anymore, but due to my new system, not due to hardware - maybe I'm lucky.