The CD laser does in fact damage the CD over time, though the amount of damage varies from player to player.

The laser slowly burns away at the tracks on the CD until eventually they become unreadable (it is a similar process to what occurs when you write to a CD using a CD writer). With most modern drives, however, you may well never notice any degredation as the damage is so slight - nevertheless, it is there.

I have finished Arcanum 3 times and about to finish it once again. The CD still runs well.
I have Dungeon Keeper 2 ever since it was released. I play it very often and it still works.
I have Quest for Glory 1 (New 256 colours, not the 16 colours one) and it still runs well.

I am not saying that laser doesn't burn CDs, no, but even your audio CD player plays CD. Will you ask the artist to release a no-CD patch? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />

Very good post. I agree.
My point, though, is: protection companies shouldn't release unfinished protections. Starforce, for example, is very unstable.

the bean. Yes, copy protection does work for those little brats who download something just "cuz itz baaad 2 pyrat!". However kazaa always has no-cd patches and cracks [even if 4/5 of the files of that type you download are RATs, Worms, viruses and Spyware].