But I can still see why they do it. Nor can I see anyway around needing the CD. Maybe if it only asked for the CD a random time perhaps! That would at least cut down on swapping pains.

I think it's the case for some games even without actual copy protection of any kind you seem to need the CD to access something. I'm playing GTA3 at the mo and the CD is needed to run the radio stations. I do wish I could just put it all on the drive and not need the CD at all. You also need the CD when launching the game...of course. I took the CD out after I launched it and it crashed when I got in a car.

Regarding backup it mentioned in the manual of one game I had Operation flashpoint that you should actually back it up. I did and the backup wouldn't bloody work!! They had protected the game even though they wanted you to back it up!! Grrrr... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/memad.gif" alt="" />