Interesting is this: EU law has changed a few months ago, so (German - only checked these myself) sites had to remove burn/back up programs/links. Copyright is changing - I think a reaction towards piracy, too late in many cases - but a clear signal towards Kazaa&Co. Have not checked if it is ratified right now, my knowledge is from 8th Aug. 2003. what I did not understand is => if it is already valid throughout EU and only has to be ratified in Germany or has done already (this materia is terribly difficult for me to understand):

As this was discussed in the German Forum a few months ago, I'm taking out a few infos by Hellfighter, Wolfman, Barnabus etc. =>

Verboten ist Software zu kopieren
--||-- ist Kopierschutz zu umgehen
--||-- ist das Benutzen sämtlicher Kopiertools
( Denn §95a Abs.§ sieht vor,
dass auch "herstellung und Verkauf von vorrichtungen, die der umgehung von technischen Schutzmechanismen dienen"verboten sind. Also Tools wie

Translation =>
It is prohibited to copy software
if copy protection can be avoided via tool
usage of all copy tools
As §95a says:
production or sale of tools, helping to avoid technical protection - so, tools as...

Links considered illegal (German sites reacted:)
CloneCD, Alcohol, ClonyXXL, DVDx, Movieejack, Gamejack

You are still allowed to make private backups - but when it comes to using certain tools ...


The German link to this discussion, please click, if you understand this language

Please, don't misunderstand this post, I'm just informing. I guess US laws are different. I don't know if this law will help against piracy, but maybe a bit against uncontrolled copies.

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