<sigh> lifetime use? and what about hardware OS changes then making it impossible for me to play a game? I understand the license stuff - but it is still transported on hardware - a CD.

May I take paper? A book? If my cat destroys it or if I take it into my tub or even if I treat it carefully and it starts to fall apart after a few years, because the gum (paperback) has dried up - or even if everything is designed for life time but the paper starts to crumble, printing withers => can I demand it after guarantee limit has perished? Ok, you could say => I'll make a copy of this book (would be illegal, because according to my laws, more than 20% copy is prohibited). But this one will have a limited life span, too.

Am I comparing apples with pears now?

I stand by you - but I can't support what you'd like, as long as this license is tied to a CD, the "transporter" (sorry, know no other word, hope, you understand what I mean). and I'm only talking about games now, ok? As it goes for business programs => we pay a yearly fee for our library system, including updates, patches etc. But a game has only a one-time price.