if we can bend things to our advantages, we would. if it soothes our ego or kill our guilt, we would do it.

xAcesx, i do agree with u on a personal level as i would take care & precaution to not abuse the 'crack' that breaks the protection that may damage the media in the long run.

however, with grains of salt, & in general i may have to disagree. knowing how people are & how far thriftiness can go, i'm sure without cd-protection, a copy of a good game will get distributed around the neighbourhood or family clan members via copies in no time. that will kill the company that want to establish themselves & make honest profits. & with games, & kids (pre-teens & teens) who are not yet well-grounded on moral standings on such issues; well we have wild fire on our hands.

i'm sure larians can trust a number of us who are loyal fans to buy orginal. but what about the rest who aren't really ardent fans or just gamers who want to get their fix & if they can get it easily (& illegaly), why not? if u can save $30, why not? so u see, can that attitude go away with the cd protection? i don't think so.

this issue really depends a lot on both sides; manufacturers & consumers. just how ethical are both sides on dealings? can the manufacturers be trusted to provide product/service that are reliable & not just long enough prduct/service cycle so users have to back to get it again & again & again? can the consumers be trusted to not abuse the trust that manufacturers have in them by not blatantly copying (ok, this is about cd's) & stuff like that (meaning i don't know <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> )?

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