I'll tell you why.
Your pissed off you have to actually pay for this game because of starforce instead of downloading it through "P2P technology" uh yeah.. What was the second phrase? "chat technology"? Gimme a break. Don't troll the forums just because your used to downloading free [nocando] through xdcc/filesharing apps /fxp /affils(i doubt it.)/topsites (HA)/. I could understand if you were angry because this protection screws your ability to play the game, and in some cases I've seen on this forum that holds true for some people. But thats not why your here. It's not a question of why do I have to use a cd-rom drive, it's question of why the hell isn't this piece of software free. If it was you wouldn't be posting in this thread, and you sure as hell wouldn't be asking people how much they paid for BD in a second thread. You can either get a job and pay for something people worked hard to market and create, or wait until the protection is defeated and have your free game. But the one thing you have to do is STFU.

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