Hello, everyone.

The current "Adorant" - discussion has led me to the decision to open a new thread dedicated to writing in general.

Anyone who writes anything can participate - especially those who are writing one of the RPG threads or stories here. But anyone who wants to improve his or her skills in expressing in language can write here, too.

This is NOT a thread exclusive to writers, but instead open to anyone who wants to write anything - and seeks advice.

I wish this thread to be a learning thread , or, to put it more emotionally, a learning experience.

Therefore critics are insofar not allowed that I intend this thread to be a sort of "Question & Answer" - thread : Anyone who seeks advice can ask questions here and anyone can answer here, regardless of experience or lack of it.

Additionally, I would like this thread for people who want to improve their language skills - mostly English (since it's the main languge), but also other languages are welcome in this thread here.

Which means that if someone asks for a certain word or expression, or for the meaning of an idiom-expression for example, I wish that anyone could try to help.

To emphasize this : I want this thread to be a "learning thread" , rather than anything else.

So try to be nice, and try not to judge advices : Like in Philosophy, any point of view is in a way right, only the evaluation of it is different (and often a matter of taste).


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