Hello, everyone.

Additionally, I would like this thread for people who want to improve their language skills - mostly English (since it's the main languge), but also other languages are welcome in this thread here.

Which means that if someone asks for a certain word or expression, or for the meaning of an idiom-expression for example, I wish that anyone could try to help.

To emphasize this : I want this thread to be a "learning thread" , rather than anything else.

So try to be nice, and try not to judge advices : Like in Philosophy, any point of view is in a way right, only the evaluation of it is different (and often a matter of taste).


Hey Alrik! Ah, yes - Philosophy - one of my favorite subjects. And yes, I have always thought any point of view is valid for the person whose view it is. I may not agree with it, but that's what makes this world go 'round.

I'd be happy to participate in this discussion. Sounds like fun and I love anything that has to do with language, communication and writing. Excellent idea.

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