Well, I first wrote everything third-person-view , but somehow tried to write a bit or two with first view.

It turned out to be quite difficult for me, because if you've developed your own world and would like to explain and simply descibe so many things, you cannot do it from the first person view. You've got to "narrows down" your own information, to the grade of the first person view.

The delicate thing is, ihmo, that you've got to imagine what the person sees, feels, tastes and so on. To me, it's partly role-playing, and if you're good at role-playing, this might not be too difficult for you.

A thing I've got *extremely* problems with is the speech pattern. You know, every single person has his or her on way of speaking, expressing and therefore writing. So, if I want to let an NPC in a story speak, I must invent a whole new speech pattern for that one.
The difficulty for me lies with that I personally believe that I must run an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in my head while writing the speech of the NPC. Tht includes his or her thought-pattern, the way of logical resoning and so on, everything that influences the speech, and behaviour.

Somehow I have the feeling that I cannot do this. Maybe it's even the wrong approch ?

So, in short, writing in first-person-view is a kind of role-playing for me.

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