Hmm, I'd like to improve my writing skills amongst many skills I want to improve... And offcourse only writing will improve writing skills. So I entered in the RPG threads but it has proven hard for such project to keep updating. So I'm poundering, what if we would do some kind of contest closely related to the caption contest.

Something, anything would be posted for writers to base a story, poem, anything entertaining on it. For example a breath taking fotograph, a peice of art, a song. Every written peice can be commented on if the writer wishes so, by adding please comment. Stories aren't limited in writers but every source of inspiration should have a limit such as 3days in the caption contest.

Oh, and I'll have a look at "the adorant", had little time for foruming for a while, I'll free up some time.

The idea came to me while reading this thread just after staring at photoshop bored and whipping this image up:

[Linked Image]

wich has no use at all, wich I feel to have a story in it.

It's one of these days...