Elliot_Kane said:

From what you tell me of your preferred writing method, I do not think limited third person suits it very well. You really do need to be writing first person if you want to be mainly concentrating on your character(s) thoughts and feelings with a near total lack of description.

I disagree. A limited third-person can be pretty sparse as far as descriptions go. There's no reason Farmer Joe should be rhapsodizing about the virtues of this far-away culture, or pondering the political climate of Kingdom B. An illiterate beggar is not going to express his appreciation for a library; he's not going to describe the library in great details. A duke who loves old books, on the other hand, is going to drone on about each leather-bound book by this author or that scroll of epic poetry. Likewise, this same duke may not be noticing the finer details of shady characters in a tavern -- bulges that signify concealed weapons, regular patrons that have a tendency to start brawls, and so on and so forth, while the beggar might just pick out the pugnacious-looking people for the sake of his own survival.

One thing I would ask, Winterfox, is why you would use limited third person if you wanted to get that far into the thoughts of the characters? Wouldn't first person be better if you are trying to describe everything from the viewpoint of the character only? Isn't the best part of limited third person that it allows the author to show the reader more than the character would if they were narrating?

Just a few thoughts <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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