One pipe later...

Taking your comments into consideration, this is the revision:
Stealthily Glance is tracking the knights. Suddenly, out of the corner his eye he sees a dark shadow appearing from the left. Instinctively he ducks and rolls over his right shoulder. In one movement he gets up, turns around and stands, sword drawn, with his back to a rock.

On his left the wolf, which jumped at him, turns to face him - on the other side two others approach him, cautiously, growling, ready to attack.

"Wolves", he thinks, "and big ones! Even bigger than those at home!" With a smooth movement he rids himself of his backpack and cloak. The two to his right jump simultaneously - one he evades with a reflexive side-step, the second's gorge is slit by his sword. In the same moment he is hit in the back and falls on his nose. He feels teeth biting his shoulder, hitting his mithril chain armor - hears a loud, breaking noise, a painful howl - and feels the pressure on his shoulder cease. The first wolf jumps on him again. Glance quickly turns round and plunges his sword in the soft belly of the wolf. He frees himself from the heavilly wounded wolf lying on him and kills him with a targeted stab in the heart. The last wolf runs away howling, his tail between his legs.

With a deep breath Glance picks up his gear, puts it on and proceeds after the knights.

Do I like it better? To some extent, certainly, especially on the choice of words. Short, complete, grammatically correct staccato sentences? I tried. The above is a compromise - I, personally (!), prefer Elliot's view. Maybe because the German tends to have long sentences with the verb at the end, so that hacking them, letting the reader fill in the gaps, which grammatically is as incorrect in German, still feels better, more action relaying, suspenseful.

In times of crisis it is of the utmost importance not to lose your head (Marie Antoinette)