My biggest bloody problem with writing a story, is names! The book, the characters, the places, the spacecraft (SW).

How do others do so good at easily making names?

Star Wars names have no conventions whatsoever, as far as I can see. String random syllables together and, if it sounds good to you, go with it. Here are some of the ones I've made up for my fic:

Kaya Yal Saresh
Eriden Vorr
Soth Piell
Odrath Alzuun
Ashk Dau'fey

Nope, no pattern whatsoever. Except that "Kaya" has a middle name because a relative of hers, Guun Hon Saresh, does. "Ashk" is a legitimate Bothan name; ditto for the clan name and prefix "Dau'fey." A little research can go a long way.

For SW spacecraft and any other lore, I pick things up from d20 sourcebooks. If you mean the proper name for a ship... hey, that's easy. Can range from bird (Ebon Hawk, Millenium Falcon, Moldy Crow, Raven's Claw) to fish to mythical creatures (Leviathan). For large ships (frigate, cruiser, etc), maybe a noun that expresses power or immensity. Throw some Latin in. Just about anything goes. It's actually fun making names up.