The impression I got was very much that the writer wanted approval rather than help with her writing, and that she was writing for her own pleasure rather than that of an audience, but she had rather deluded herself as to her true intentions and desires.

I'm not quite sure why the various helpers didn't catch on a whole lot faster than they did though.

I don't enjoy pointing out the obvious, Elliot (okay, I do LOL) but she posted at a site (in a specific forum, no less), where criticism is expected. I agree with you, though. She was probably thinking her "Lorelei" character was going to 'wow' everyone. That's the arrogance of youth. *g* However, too many times people post their work believing it will knock everyone's socks off. And maybe the idea that's in their head is much better than the one they've communicated on paper or a message board. But!! -- (And a big 'but') it ends up smacking them in their backsides and misfiring. This is exactly what happened at that board.

If you read as far as I did (nearly 7 pages worth - *rolls eyes*), she kept revising the character as she went along. And it's the characteristics in those additions/revisions she should have kept fleshing out instead of defending the 2d (gawd awful) character description originally posted. Again, that's the arrogance of youth speaking. It's also a blatant attempt at trying to hide one's ignorance. In that case, she's losing an uphill battle. An IQ of 520 - Pullease!!! That's something *I* would have clung to, though, when I was 13. (And I probably did at some point back then).

Anyway, it was a fascinating look into the psyche of an angst-ridden teen. But, I can't say I'm ever going back for another look. My nerves were shot half way through the 1st page. LOL

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