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Young Adult: Read 'teenagers'. This is all the stuff that teenagers relate to, like first love, friendship, teenage angst and trying to find out where you fit into a world that doesn't seem to care about you. This is a very narrow genre, and very unpopular amongst non-teenage readers for obvious reasons. Such stories will always involve teenage leads, and usually centre around schools or colleges.
HEY! I'm a teenager, and most of that is fecking boring in a book, to be frank. Some colleges/schools are ok, but like, yeah. 'nuff said.

So you can't be too biased on age groups.

Look at my cat! She's young an she still eats the old kitty food, wait, wrong thread . . .

Hallo . . . But yes, you can't be to subjective because of the age . . . Did I mean to say all this or is it another loss of sleep again?

Roight. Well, just don't be biased IMHO.