Now, how would you call that what people seem ho "have" (go through" in horror stories or movies (Scream as a well-known example) ? I'd call it Angst - out of my own, personal and German point of view. From my point of vieew, you went on the write track - concerning the German meaning of the word - as you hinted about horror.

The description "an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety" is usually right for German Angst - but it's not related to the rest of it at all (especially not philosophy) (" usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom"), but rather to everything else. So to say, part one of the sentence is right, part two isn't.

I often see that people whouse the English language use "fear" as what's Angst in German, but not always. The English language doesn't really hve a word for German Angst, that's where my irritation comes from. You'll have the same with "mind" , but only vice versa.

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