I gather, you asked her for permission before taking her text and posting it here? I'm not familiar with the ethical code amongst scavengers and vultures aka critics

Well done. Apparently all critics are vultures and/or scavengers, eh? Even though you probably haven't met them all, amateurs and professionals alike? Go, insulting blanket statements, go!

Uhm, not that it's particularly insulting in the first place. But okay. I appreciate the... effort? And hey, I'm sure you've never, ever, criticized a single thing in your life, never mind books. Bein' a librarian an' all.

rolleyes in the literature scene (or her little toddler sister: fan fiction) - but I would like to thank her and inform her about the link here - as this text is her mental property IMO.

"IMO" is right, Kiya. Look up "Fair Use Clause." Oh, and the woman hasn't registered her wittle rants for copyrights. Even if she had, the word you are looking for is intellectual property. There is no theft, and no "code" or law has been violated, especially since I don't claim ownership for the text in question, less still acquire commercial profit.

Maybe it is Usus to steal and my wish is unusual - but I always make my own rules as I have to live with them and no one else.

Mmm. Who is "Usus"? Do you mean "Ursus"? What do bears have to do with it? And, oh, dearie, dearie me. I don't abide by your rules. I must be a bad person lacking in decency and respect, eh? That's okay. I love you, too. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />

Or, alternatively: *sniffles* I'm so hurt, to be condemned so by a complete psycho-analyzing stranger on the Intarweb! Why, my heart would have broken into tiny bits (like glass shards bleeding in my soul, or something). If I had one, that is.

I call it decency and respect. My only embarassment and pity goes to those, who cringe at these kind of texts, as they lack something IMO.

Mmm. The people who would cringe at this generally see it for what it really is: angsty whining. But if you want to see it the other way, that's fine. Don't decry those who don't agree with you, hmmm?

Thank you in advance. And please, post it in public, as I do not wish PM from you. Thank you in advance for respecting this.

My, my. Would a PM from me contaminate your personal space? Lather it all over with, er, shark-poison, perhaps? (Putting, naturally, aside the fact that sharks simply do not secrete poison.)

Pssst. Kiya, it's okay, really. The sandbox is all yours. I'm not trying to take it, or the ball, from you.