It is totally normal in the German language to use the word "usus" as a word which means "the use of something".

I could for example say "In our home it is usus to wash our hands before eating the meal."

It is as usual and norml, as I would say : "This text has a special ductus". The word "ductus" means "diction", or way of speech / writing (hope I've spelled it correctly).

So I could say "this texts has a special diction", and this would be the same.

And so? Therefore? I thought we were communicating in English, here. Shall I start inserting random Chinese, Japanese and Thai into my posts?

Kiya: uhm, how about no. If you were resourceful, you could probably find the person yourself. I don't feel obliged to acquiesce to any request of yours, sorry. Next time, maybe you could make a request without slinging insults at the same time, hmm?