Clarification: Kiya, dearest, it is not your wish I find insulting. It is the comparison to vulture/scavenger. If it helps, I don't take you particularly seriously, either

Oh, I see. I still consider the vulture/scavenger comparison about the way you write in your case appropriate. I can live with the fact that you don't take me seriously, it's nice if both levels are equal.

Hey, a bit hard to make myself heard when someone's wanking to the sound of her own voice and her perceived moral superiority.

I wouldn't worry about that, Winterfox - your voice and eagerness to put your own two or more scathing bits into this forum is infinite and very predictable in its regularity. Even the style is predictable and something to rely on.

<sigh, doublesigh> I found Link's Queen and am looking through the entries in her calendar - but I can't find the part I'm looking for. I have difficulties getting inner access to her fiction work, as this is not the genre I normally read - give your non-existing heart a shove, please and share the exact source. I do not want to be distracted by reading all of her fiction - just the part you quoted, so I can get access to the context surrounding this. Please?

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