I am not masochistic enough to follow all these sites who link to bad fiction and brand them. Why? I meet too much disdain, spite, viciousness, malice, gloating. Too much acid, too much poison, very destructive vibes. Yep, too many vultures/scavengers.

If you searched around for a bit, you'd have noticed that LQ started off receiving polite critiques for her story (which, yes, contains a Mary Sue). The woman responded with pages-long author's notes throwing a temper tantrum and screaming curses; splooge was spilled everywhere across several message boards. Oh, additionally, she plagiarized relentlessly, ranging from using copyrighted names/ideas without saying that they weren't hers, to an art theft. Every action has a consequence, Kiya dear.

If you want to continue living in your little Utopia where everybody is perfect, patient and caring? Wonderful for you. Just don't expect everyone else to maintain the same delusions and act the way you would. The sites that link to bad fiction and mock them? Why, hello! Welcome to the real world. Humanity in general is about as forgiving and caring as a rusty iron maiden. At your age, surely you know that already. Do not feign such transparent naiveté. I'm so sorry that exposure to real people, as opposed to Carebear caricatures, has caused you so much distress.

There seems to be a sort of MarySue Phobia by those who consider themselves literate, so they bash cruelly in a self-righteous manner. Do sites exist, where cliched chars are treated carefully by critics and with respect, so the originator is encouraged to try out new paths and variations? And feels no need to feel rejected as the atmosphere is friendly, amiable and helpful?

Because most Mary Sues are masturbatory fantasies of teenage girls. Wave feedback that is less than glowing in front of them and most of them will explode into screeching hissyfits and/or pity-begging, attention-whoring parties, complete with suicide threats. (Unfortunately, they never live up to their word in this aspect. Ah, woe.) Many consider it a complete waste of time to write a long, detailed review for someone who will probably disregard it and send them hate-mails. Thus, it is less frustrating in the long run to give critiques only when they are explicitly requested. (Of course, then there are people who overestimate their skin and end up crying to their mommies at the first sign of negative feedback anyway. But that's another sub-category.)

Such communities include: Constructive Criticism, Original Character Analysis, and the In Progress section at GAFF (a board, in fact, dedicated to mocking bad fiction/film/etc. Gasp! The horror, the shock! The world isn't painted in black and white after all!).