Jurak said:

that's no pup, it's pip, as in squeak! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
WF , why o why are you soooo bitter, <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/think.gif" alt="" /> ??
I don't think i've read one single, solitary post of yours that is on the positive side, are you lacking something from your childhood,
or is this your way of making friends? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ROFL.gif" alt="" />

Oh, I'm sure you are a qualified psychotherapist. By all means, speculate about my childhood, social life, or lack thereof. It's typical, and should be amusing.

Feel like a bigger boy now, dearie? *pinches your cheek* There, there, run along now. I'll resist the temptation to use an anime-style emotion.


Mmm, Kiya, remember what you said?

But there is a difference between your way of bitching and mine => I don't pick at people who can't defend themselves. This is the Carebear within myself, I see no point in working against this part of my nature.

You said that you don't pick "at" (pick on, actually) people who can't defend themselves and you were screeching at me for "jabbing at anonymous people" (paraphrased), no? You realize that you are doing precisely that -- maligning people who are not here to respond, yes? With the comments about malice, vultures, and such? Hoho. At least try not too be too obvious, eh?

Having a 20startsomething welcoming me, the 47-yr-old, is hilarious

Actually, I was indeed aware that you are forty-seven. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> But aging is mandatory; some... other things are not. I mean, sure, one'd assume that some things should come with age and experience, but some times, they fly right over your head and miss you.

Considering themselves soooo unique - and not understanding that 23 yrs of watching this same behaviour over and over again, in search of something unique, bores me mostly and amuses me at best.

Tut-tut. There you go making assumptions again. I completed my obligatory phase of "omg im so unique!11! an no1 can understannn meeee!11!" years ago. Why, are you going to guess that I raid Hot Topic next? Or wear black clothing and makeup perhaps? Or, better yet, that I am a poseur Wiccan?

So, black/white is the way you see the world, dearest WF (meant in sincere sense, no irony at all).

No, love, I do not see the world in black and white. But if that's how you want to think, then oh well. Telling you otherwise would probably be the equivalent of convincing someone from the thirteenth century or so that the world is not a flat disc.

Don't worry, grey/coloured shades will come, if you keep your eyes open - needs time and XP. In case, I'm not clear enough for you => search the posts you addressed at me, take out the attributes, gather them - and then look how many words simply describe yourself

Dearie, dearie me. I'm so chastised, I'd like to hang my head and kneel in repentance in the face of your... what, ancient wisdom? Or something. Hur hur.

On second thought, not really. You have all the persuasive power of a very moldy, very stale bread. I’ll try you again when I’m starving and there’s really no food within reasonable proximity.

I wonder, how these authors would have had the courage to publish their work if they had chosen the internet world as a test balloon.

Actually, I've encountered several amateurs that get their work professionally published -- they have used online publication (even, gasp, fanfic!) as testing ground and practice. Oh, and guess what? Professional writers get critiques that are as harsh as anything you'll see directed at amateurs on the 'Net, ranging from tearing their work apart to remarks directed at their personal life. (Ed Greenwood, for instance, has been called a perverted old man due to the sexual contents in his books. To the best of my knowledge, the man takes it in stride and shrugs things off.) What, you haven't seen the reviews at Amazon.com? Tsk.

I think SV (scavenger/vulture type) and the MS (MarySue type) are similar: both parties dig moats, bring up their weapons and react instinctively like a Pawlow dog => full of prejudices, assumptions, enemy archetypes in 3D and technicolour.

Gasp. You mean you are not full of assumptions, at the very least? You are making many, many of them just now.

How can creativity and imagination grow? I'd find that very difficult.

Oh, sweet Goddess and her Consort, not this argument. You know, for someone who claims to be as wizened as you are, you use arguments I've seen a thousand times before with disturbing frequency. If your skin is thick enough, you will be able to conceive ideas and imagine, regardless of the criticism lobbed your way; with some application of gray matter, one should learn what to take into consideration and what not to. Additionally, if we use this logic, then grammar, punctuation – nay, any recognizable language, period – would limit “creativity” and “imagination”, yes?

Or is the SV club so exclusive that only an elite may enter this world? Initiation ceremonies have to deal with fire, poison and only a handful of survivors are allowed to touch the holy grail of literature? And if so - how can this elite survive? Without followers? Without adepts?

*sporfles!* And you say other people are full of "enemy archetypes" and "prejudices"? Look no further, my friend, than the mirror. This old argument is so tired, it's gotten to the point that the people at GAFF have established a mock "Super Sekrit Sinister Sect" (aka "Secret Elitist Cult Thing" -- hey, I like that initials better). No, no, little one. All the mocking communities I've joined allow anyone to register. GAFF is unmoderated; anybody can bring up any subject, post any opinion, and all discussions are allowed to go on without admin's restraint. I think you’d get along famously with the author of this" target="_blank">http://www.trickster.org/symposium/symp151.html]this rant</a>.

Tell you what. Try us. Try posting at GAFF, for instance, and if you do so politely, I can assure you that most will respond in kind -- you may be surprised. Oh, a hint: the members of GAFF range from the age of thirteen to forty-something, so you may end up dispensing your wisdom to your contemporaries.

Camera back to the former corpse => everything is scattered and shattered, if the author is lucky, the bones (story core) are still there. Ok, if the author has a skin, she might pick them up and build up again - some might have lost courage at the sight of this mess.


If the author doesn't have enough spine and persistance to keep going in the first place, it is no one's fault but her own. Sorry.

Cripes. These posts are getting ridiculously long.