Depending on the context, these and similar flaws occur often enough - and maybe I am among the few that catch them at times - but if and when I do, it irritates me. Is this restricting creativity, if you point it out? I think not - it's polishing, optimizing, but not necessarily distorting style.

Nope, pointing it out is not restricting creativity, certainly not. I gather, you meant it as a suggestion, so the author is free to take or leave it? Persisting is restrictive. Persisting on it, even if the author explains why she/he does it. This not only irritates me, but angers and hurts me as well.

But the most important issue to be kept in mind relating to critics and criticism is tolerance - very rarely is there only one, absolute truth for any- and everybody.

Yes, I agree fully - tolerance is a road into both directions.

If a discussion transforms into a "circle debate", then it's time for at least one of the parties to simply stop the stubborn and pointless fight for the last word.

Point taken fully, Glance. <whispers> if I'm not the one to stop <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/delight.gif" alt="" /> On a more serious note, I can't promise this, Glance. I'm trying for several yrs now to free myself from the formalistic writing trap in my own writing, as I consider it bloodless, too artificial. So, if I see individuals already going this path, I feel encouraged to hobble on a bit more and learn to swim free. If I see them attacked (not pointed out, ok?) I feel myself slipping back into the formalistic trap. It has a great power.

I simply wish for this: people feeling comfortable in formalism to lean back and smile at the others. Pointing out, in case the author has really made a lapsus linguae, so the author can rephrase or re-think. So, both sides can pursue their own paths in peace and cooperation. I don't think, I ask for too much.

Examples =>
I like the word "cemetary", sound more complete than "-ery"
same for "independant", sounds incomplete, not rounded with "ent" (unfree)
Drows => the "s" gives a nice malicious hissing sound at the end, onomatopeic completion. Actually a "z" would add stinger poison, but... I consider a "z" proletarian in comparison to a sophisticated "s"
mental property (not meant as the law term) => property of the conscious, the mind, not the intellect (intellectual property)