Interesting - a woman and a man, both getting the impression, that the Lupogryph is male. Based on what?

I did not specifically mention gender - actually I tried to NOT include any reference to it. Did I miss something, there? Had I written it with a female in mind, what would I have had to write differently - Elliot, you should know?

Or is it nothing factual or insinuated I have written, but only in your "pre-set" mind (another trap?) Think about it - the same text, different animal combination - would your impression of the gender change with for example a snake body? A panther? A horse?

Yes Kiya, I am aware that I am a little unfair on the name issue, inasmuch as you (all) don't have any more information than written so far, and no idea of what is in the dark back of my mind (I am looking for the torch myself)

As Elliot says, I like brainstorming, flipping ideas and concepts around with others, finding (forming) pieces of the puzzle until somehow - intuitively - the picture completes itself before my eyes, and I have a goal. I actually work like that professionally to some extent, which I concede is sometimes irritating as the preachers of cold logic cannot always follow my way of determining and defining a solution, though they do come up with the same, but via a different "way of thinking".

In the beginning of this thread, where we had consolidated various (wonderfully helpful and inspiring) guidelines, we already had the "name-finding" question. Which is what inspirarated (or should I say instigated?) this concrete challenge - as I find it a) harder than I thought it would be, and b) really important for the future to find an "adequate" name.

But don't torture you to extremes - it's my problem, not your's. But I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

In times of crisis it is of the utmost importance not to lose your head (Marie Antoinette)