Leaf rubs his chin, By the might of Pharys! So a natural Lightning, weapons he fingers at a little scar at my shoulder, where an arrow hit me, can injure you but magic cannot. Did this heal well?

What I consider a bit strange is this: Lupo is accustomed to others wanting to hurt/kill/chase him. Care to give a short explanation - or show a reaction of Lupo? I mean - even if I were lonely and glad to find someone talking to me instead of being hostile: Wouldn't I be a bit scared, or wonder if a stranger touches me - even if my nature is gentle? Or do you plan to make Lupo sort of emotionless, immune to fear? Taking everything as it is without reasoning? In a matter-of-fact way? Or is its loneliness so strong that it takes up every non-hostile contact thankfully? Or is it so self-confident about being immortal (or near to it) that is doesn't mind?

Gender => I think, it would be a nice idea if Lupo's reactions would be that of a hermaphrodit - sometimes male, sometimes female. It could be naive (inexperienced) in interaction. Or have you (has Leaf) already decided: Lupo is male?

Are you planning to reveal a bit later on about the creator's purpose? Creation might not be blasphemous in all cases - at least not in the creator's intention

SilverSun? SunSilver?
FireWind? WindFire?
Eclipsia? Eclipsius?
Fortuitus? Fortuita?
Peregrinus? Peregrina?

Will think up of more <running up to the shelves with name books> Ahem, seem to prefer Latin a lot <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shame.gif" alt="" /> - when it comes to proper Elven names, I'm lost, then I rest my case.