Wouldn't I be a bit scared, or wonder if a stranger touches me - even if my nature is gentle?

When his mind is an open book to you - you know his thoughts - sense his intentions in advance - would YOU be scared?
But I get your point - and appreciate its validity - when (if ever) this is formulated into a full story, this would have to be expanded.

Male? - Yes

naive, inexperienced? - yes, I tried to hint that

invulnerable? - no

immortal? - in the sense of LOOONG lifespan, yes; otherwise no

emotionless? - no (need to expand on that!)

immune to fear? - no; certainly fear of the unknown; fear of weapons (I mean it heals, but it hurts, and he is aware that it can be fatal)

Taking everything as it is without reasoning? - That he'll have to learn, you need a counterpart for that. If all you ever had is yourself - you would question things, but you could not find answers easily.

Is its loneliness so strong that it takes up every non-hostile contact thankfully? Certainly - remember, this instance IS every non-hostile contact! It's the first - there was no, especially no bad, previous experience.

Is it so self-confident about being immortal (or near to it) that is doesn't mind? No, it is aware of the concept of death, which it is actively trying to avoid.

Are you planning to reveal a bit later on about the creator's purpose? Creation might not be blasphemous in all cases - at least not in the creator's intention

You are implying I have a cunning plan!? How nice of you! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Actually I am throwing around bits and pieces, collecting ideas, getting a feel for what I am comfortable with...

Developping plots, getting ideas for complete plot-lines - is a topic I deferred to a later discussion (be sure that I will come back to it)

That said - oviously the creator's view may be a totally different one. He either does not consider it blasphemous, due to his differing beliefs, or simply doesn't care. Whether this knowledge (to the reader) will be relevant for the plot, I simply don't know yet (though I concede it may be interesting - but that's not the same)

SilverSun? SunSilver? = silver is the moon (at least that's what I wrote)sun is golden light
FireWind? WindFire? = unhappy (for no obvious reason)
NightSun? = unhappy (for reasons of logic)
Eclipsia? Eclipsius? = why?
FeatherScale? = that's desperate!?
SilverBeak? = no beak; fangs!
Aquila? = too much eagle
Fortuitus? Fortuita? = has not yet proven fortitude
Vero? = not something Leaf would pick, or could judge at this point
Peregrinus? Peregrina? = ? Don't know what this saint stands for.

But I gather, there was none in your lists, where it made "click, that's it!" in your mind? Same here <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/sad.gif" alt="" />

Input from a source outside this forum (to be discussed/inspiration help?):
Magikal Version: To each element there is an associated vowel. The dark vowels O and U stand for water and earth. U as the lowest vowel stands for the earth, as in the rumbling of an earthquake while O stands for the sound of the waves drifting ashore. (Even the symbols of the vowels reflect their elements: Water collects in holes or gets lost through them which is represented by O. The element earth is anything solid and is used to manufacture things. The Symbol U can be seen as a cup or jar, which is solid and made.) The open vowels A and E stand for fire and air respectiveley which reflect quite well the sounds that are being made by the elements. (Here too the symbols are somewhat similar to their corresponding elements: The A symbolizes a sketchy flame or a campfire, while the E either reflects the wind (or written as e reflects a turbulence). Last but not least the I symbolizes the higher forms as art or magic. This high vowel reflects the singing or the fear. (As symbol it reflects the way to higher understanding).
Now to the name: Since the Lupogryph seems to be of the elements fire, air and earth, his magic name should contain the vowels A, U and E in any wanted order.
Cultural Version: As has been said, one Name is being given by the parents and one name has to be earned (to reflect your character?). I suppose the earned name could change in your lifetime even several times. [color:"orange"]{a view not shared by myself} [/color] Since the Lupogryph has not yet had a chance to earn a name, he could choose one (or be given one) that reflects his character. [color:"orange"] {or at a later stage!} [/color] In that case he could maybe be named "Shy" or "Contact Seeker"... which helps him not to be named by an "earned" name like "Monster" or "Horrible" later on...
(the source is one of my brothers)

In times of crisis it is of the utmost importance not to lose your head (Marie Antoinette)