Kult is due for release September 11th 2004. Sorry for the confusion before, I should have said that you'll need to create your own 3d game content in third party programs like Gmax and Milkshape, then import your creations into the Editor to use in your own games.

You are right to be skeptical, I am too. I'm just praying that it all isn't too good to be true. Because I got really excited about NeverWinter Nights and Dungeon Siege too, when they were due for release, only to be very dissappointed.

But I must say, although I didn't like those games very much, I had lots of fun playing with their Editor's, and, to be truthful, I think some of the modules made with the two Editor's were better than the actual games themselves.

In fact, it was playing with these Editor's that got me interested in game developement and 3d modeling, and that's something that I really do love.

Unfortunately I'm a better artist than I am a programmer. I couldn't write a program to save my life. That's why I love game Editor's, because all that hard stuff is done, and I can just concentrate on the pretty stuff <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.

But there were things about NeverWinter Night's and Dungeon Siege's basic gameplay that I didn't like very much, and I wanted to change, but I was stuck with them, because I didn't know how to re-program the engine.

That's why I'm so excited at news of a new game Editor being released (there hasn't been one for ages!). Even if I hate the game itself, being able to create my own games with the Editor will make the games purchase a good investment.

I agree with you though, about playing games that you create yourself, there's no thrill of the unexpected. But seeing something that you've created yourself come to life is more thrilling than I can put into words (it's something you really have to experience for yourself).

If Kult's Editor turns out to be any good, and people embrace it and start to use it to create their own games, then hopefully there'll be heaps of modules created by other people (like in NWN) to play.

Now, an apology, I didn't mean to imply that Divine Divinity was inferior in any way because it didn't have an Editor. What I wanted to convey was my feeling of frustration and longing, that when I finished Divine Divinity, that that was it, game over!

Because I didn't want the game to EVER end, it was the best game I'd played in a very long time, and if only it had an Editor I could have continued my adventures and played other fan created adventures forever.

There is nothing about Divine Divinity's gameplay that I want to change (except maybe mana regeneration <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />) and it is the one game that I really really wish had come with an Editor, because I love everything about it, the World, the interface, the controls, everything.

But barring this, Kult:Heretic Kingdoms looks so similar to Divine Divinity that I'm hoping it will fill the void (finger's crossed!).


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