Hi All, just wanted to share some bugs with everyone. Have the retail ver with latest US 1.45 patch as my first game experience. Noticed that certain items, labeled as weapons with weapon stats, will appear as helmets or other items.
Certain items, non game critical, like armor or swords that you pick up, will appear in your inventory, but will not be available for you to trade or barter away. Items that the Death Knight carries will not appear in your "identify" or "repair" window, and vice versa, when trading.

I find it curious that "embellishing" an item would increase it's value, but sharpening it (making it a lot more powerful) does not. I'm still in act 2 and I'm walking around with a one handed 240 point slash damage ax after sharpening (at 8).

Is there a problem with the lockpicking skill? On I lark, I unlearned all my other skills and maxed out (at 10) my lockpicking, and STILL can't open even one lock.

Thanks for listening