Two things, first it seems like someone forgot to label the stairs in the area of the Riddling Gargoyle (Act 2 I believe). The stairs are called "object 10074" or something like that. Another thing is I picked up a thing that looks like a gem or some kind, except the name of it is "DONTUSE" with a value of 1 in the bartering tables.

Is this really a name for something or is it meant as "don't use" literally? And who are they directing this to, someone on the development team or to the player? This stuff is really beta-esque as far as I'm concerned.

The game is great. However, these culmulative little items really reflect how this thing was rushed out the door. And this is playing with the 1.45 patch as my first experience. I could only imagine and cringe at how bad v1.0 would have behaved. I really feel a tremendous sense of sympathy for the developers who probably had to roll over and play dead when the money people push their creation out in time for the holiday market.

This kind of marketing is a double edged sword however. When a product (not BD in particular, but just in general) is so bad and obviously incomplete, this can create customers that would purposely skip certain labels just to avoid being ripped off again. I for one will never buy another Sierra product, no matter the title. And this is because of the game OUTPOST (for those that can remember that far back). Parts of the game weren't even coded yet when the game was published. And a few years ago, some flying game was sold with whole swaths of terrain held by coding place holders; that's right, no artwork, just blanks with "code name (pending}." And they sold this in Walmarts, which is as mainstream as it can get. This has become an industry wide way of doing business. And the sad part of it is, that most customers will just roll over and take it. Some day some smart AG will take the industry to court for the class status fraud that this practice surely is. And I for one would not shed one tear if the industry at large had to pay millions. And if Larian was a part of that, as a small company, it may not even survive such a judgement. Something for the bean counters to think about.

Well, just my two cents