Here is all the info I found out about StarForce on Digital Jesters forums from the StarForce person there.

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Hi guys,
I work for StarForce, and worked with Monte Cristo and DJ on this project.
StarForce is an OFFLINE protection, it's not a trojan, it's not a virus or anything like that.
Anyone with TCP/IP knowledge can run the game and see that it doesn't connect anywhere
to send any data or information.
Yes Starforce uses a driver, and so does other protection, it is true that we didn't provide any
tool to remove it, and we corrected that, and DJ will post a link to the latest version of SF Clean to remove the drivers.
The drives are silents, and are only used when you started a protected application, so i doubt they really are a threat to anyone.
On a side note, we notice a lot of rumors going around with forums but we haven't seen many people, with actual problems, however nothing is perfect so we are not saying problems CANNOT occure, however if you have a problem please do contact us through the DJ support and you'll see we'll take your problem seriously and will work to fix it ASAP! All of those rumors started when we protected TOCA Race Driver 2, we were worried, we checked, there is nothing special about brit computers that could prevent our protection scheme to run on them

We don't want to annoy legitimate customers, we want to keep them busy playing the titles, and we want also to keep busy ... hackers ... trying to crack our software. They might very well suceeed then we'll come up with a new version and new flavors for the 2004/2005 season!

Honnestly protection schemes all are the same, they need a driver to check the disc, and they need the disc when you start the game for 10 seconds, and that's it... Compare that with those annoying Audio CD protection that pevent you from copying it to your IPOD and such and you'll see it's no big deal.
You want to watch a DVD, you put the disc in the drive, you want to play a console game, you put the disc in the drive, you want to play DDAY, you put the disc in the drive, sounds logical to me


PS: Sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, as you may have guessed i'm not a native english speak but at least i'm trying

A potential customer said :
"Thanks for stating ahead of time that your game will be shipping with the Starforce Trojan Horse. There aren't any stores in my area that will return opened software, so you guys just saved me forty to fifty dollars, which I appreciate. If you ever decide to release a version of Chaos League that doesn't contain a trojan that may/may not ruin another one of my USB HDs, I'll probably buy it. I really enjoyed the demo, but Starforce will never be allowed to **** up my system again.

Thanks again,
A potential customer."

we are sorry to hear that you had problems with our protection, did you contacted the tech support to get it fixed?
However, the demo HAS starforce, so if you ran the demo fine, there is NO reason the finish product wouldn't run, because both exe demo & retail are using the SAME version of the protection.
and it's NOT a trojan!

There are no problems with Nero, imagine if there were any the tech support would be swamped with calls!
and yes trust me the drivers are the same for the demo version of the retail version despite there is no cd check for the demo version.

When you run the game the frist time, it says it's installing the starforce drivers which are part of the game, as the game uses our third party technology, then it asks for the reboot to update your system! If you want to get rid of the drivers, download SF CLEAN and uninstall the demo and you'll SF free
A Trojan is something malicious, that is designed to harm your PC, which is not the case here.

mattwakeman your opinion is all right, everyone is entitled to have one
however do you know that EVERY copy protection on the market except ONE uses a driver? Which means if you stick to you own thoughts you can't buy any PC game except for those protected with this one protection! And as every descent PC game on the market is protected that narrows down your possibility. But it's all right, there are good games on console too!
And once again, sorry if our program was installed without your knowledge, download the latest SF clean and we promise it will all go away!

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All except one of those quotes was taken from this thread.