Kiya macht zur Zeit Urlaub in den USA.

Zitat aus dem BD-Vote-Thread :

Don't worry, Jurak. I'm in the USA and enjoying a looooooooooong vacation: visiting libraries, surviving malls and trying to understand the language there ;, - Texas is beautiful, people are very friendly (if not Security guards, not believing I'm merely searching for my Italian sun glasses). And my favourite sports is counting pedestrians on the road - a species in danger of growing extinct - another amusing thing is finding out what "German food" is there I never knew that pancakes could be tortured this way... not to mention German ice cream

If any Texan reads this, I'm not meaning to insult, I'm just a German savage amusing myself by finding out in how many ways I can bust the usage of a credit card (why does NO traveller guide help out there?) Heavens, I'm used to hunt, kill and pay cash....


Oh, yeah, and I bought a few PC games - currently trying to get out of the village in Konung 2 as a healer. Womble? I bought NWN with both addons to replay this in English. And, as a lot of people liked KOTOR, I even bought that, so, I'd be very busy upon return.

Have a great kiyaless time all of you

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