I doubt DD2 would concentrate on multi-player. Most fans of the first 2 games prefer single-player, so I would guess it would have a strong single player game, and then an optional mutlti-player component (possibly a Battlefields type area, or a cooperative version of the main game). Most multi-player focused games are restricted to hunt and fetch quests, to keep the plot manageable for groups, which I doubt Larian would do to Divinity.


I am glad to hear about larian's attitude to multiplayer rpgs. Just think of it. The combat will be reduced to: "who uses the freeze/blind/polymorph first". And then think of what will happen when people use the space/pause button?! Even a party of player characters going for quests is not a good idea.

I downloaded this demo of beyond divinity. I hope that larians improved it in the final release. Everything is so dark again (thankfully they gave the gamma slider). There is no key for transfering inventory items from deathknight to hero and vice versa. Very little voice comments for the hero (like he lacks the key or he can't use it).

Hail Divinity!